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Sunday, December 16, 2012

December: Searchin For The Peace Of Mind


Hello peeps,
Since the day, no participation from any blogger to my give away.. such a pathic.. haha.. 
Generally speaking, December has gone swept away for half a month.. countdown tik tok clicking clock.. New Year is approaching. I literally can't wait to discover some new exciting things in the near future.. Details about that some time soon..
Past three days till now on, the sky turning dark and rains start to pouring down. Everything getting wet and wet.. like a wet dream.. No snow fall.. just typical rains.. but it is alrite as long as its not a disaster.
Talking about disaster, let the cat out of the bag.. i officially seems turns into a lil monster, growing hair. No Afiq Azmi hair cut style until new year i think.. A stupid enforcement lawmaker in the state for a unisex hair saloon limitation. I'm thinking out to somewhere by the end of this month for New Year celebration and get my hair trimmed. LOL..
Anyways, i hope you all are having a very merry December..
Cheers everyone..
Thanks for checking out the site!


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