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Sunday, August 15, 2010


When I Were Born, i'm BLACK
When I Were Grow Up, i'm BLACK
When I Went To The Sun, i'm BLACK
When I Scared, i'm BLACK
When I Sick, i'm BLACK
And When I Die, i Still BLACK

But You White Fellow
When You're Born, you're PINK
When You're Grow Up, you're WHITE
When You Went To The Sun, you're RED
When You're Cold, you're BLUE
When You Scared, you're YELLOW
When You're Sick, you're GREEN
And When You Die, you're GREY

 And That You Called Me COLORED?

p/s :- sorry i'm color blind :-( my bad.. haha.. bueekkss...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

::RISE N SHINE:: (^_^)

I wake up everyday going for my work not because i've a great job, not because i've a great workplace, not totally because of Boss coz for me with Boss or without Boss, i'm still can do  my best on my work...much more better.. you should know why i'm saying this:-

The Boss drives his men
The Leader inspires them
The Boss depends on authority
The Leader depends on goodwill
The Boss evokes fear
The Leader radiates love
The Boss says I
The Leader says We
The Boss says who is wrong
The Leader shows what is wrong
The Boss knows how it done
The Leader shows how to do it
The Boss demands respect
The Leader commands respect
So, be a Leader and Not the Boss.

BUT there areTHINGS I LIKE :Hugo Boss n 'BOSS'

p/s:- i'm not refer to anyone.. so if you're my boss, kindly please leave my page.. this is my privacy

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

:: myRAMADHAN'10:: Ramadhan Datang Lagi

Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa Di Bulan 1000 Bulan Ramadhan el-Mubarak 1431 Hijrah Happy Blessed Ramadhan ようこそラマダーンمرحبا بكم في رمضان Mejorar nuestra fe y las virtudes en el ayuno Ramadhán.Devote a la unidad de Dios, Alá - Ikhwancalifornia® IKHWANKAIZEN

Aug 10th 2010 Wednesdy


We'll kick start our fasting month on August 11th this year which means tomorrow.I feel excited all around.A 1000 blessed month with the Night of Power (Lailatul Qadar). As routine every year, i got a bundles of Ramadhan sms and net messages - Thanks. I spend a lot of time in my workplace after office hours today 5.30pm till 9pm.. doing some workload calculation.. Then i call my family, my brother to wish them Happy Ramadhan el Mubarak.. During lunch hour i bought some fruit such as honey apples, grapes and dates.. In the Night after havin' a late supper with my cliques, i bought a packet of nugget, chicken hotdog, mayonese and baked bean for tomorrow morning Sahur.. Hope so i can wake up energetically for Sahur... 

The most important part of fasting is niat. Niat for a month and Niat for each day :-

" Sahaja Aku Berpuasa Sebulan Di Bulan Ramadhan Tahun Ini Fardhu Ke Atas Diriku Kerana Allah Taala"

" Sahaja Aku Berpuasa Esok Hari Di Bulan Ramadhan Fardhu Ke Atas Diriku Kerana Allah Taala"

Fasting start in Imsak ( 10 minutes before Subuh/Dawn Prayer) and over in Maghrib/Dusk Prayer.It's not just cannot eat anything during fasting period but we Muslims must stick to the rule. 
I really hope that i can be a better person after i signed in this School of Ramadhan.. ameen.. 


Sunday, August 1, 2010


A lil bit upset for me coz i can't attend this 2010 MTV World Stage in Sunway Lagoon.. the same situation which happen in the last year MTV.. Thanks to for giving a lot of information 'bout this MTV... Ish..ish... can't make it myself for dats... I've the ticket but no transportation... one more COZ...

Free Graphics




Its date clash with 31st July 2010 Istana Budaya :- CUCI THE MUSICAL 2 (8.30pm). We bought the ticket for dats theatre earlier from MTV do! so instead going to MTV, i choose for Istana.. yea!! i already promise with my friends... There, i bought a mouse pad and tag as souveniers for photography with artist reason.. A lil bit upset for me once again coz i did'nt wear proper clothing.. Just because i'm not wearing shoes, i'm totally not allowed go inside the Hall... so, i just back off and step back.. It was a rainy night  with no taxi at all... I walk away till i reach Bernama TV.. then i got my friend pick me up there.. 

The lessons dats i learnt from dats night is i must wearing shoes at all time when i'm going out and never wear a sandal except when you're in the beach!!! 

CTM2 Line up:- 
Hans Isaac, Afdlin Shauki, Awie, Nabil, Vanidah Imran, Jaclyn Victor and Harith Iskander