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Thursday, August 12, 2010

::RISE N SHINE:: (^_^)

I wake up everyday going for my work not because i've a great job, not because i've a great workplace, not totally because of Boss coz for me with Boss or without Boss, i'm still can do  my best on my work...much more better.. you should know why i'm saying this:-

The Boss drives his men
The Leader inspires them
The Boss depends on authority
The Leader depends on goodwill
The Boss evokes fear
The Leader radiates love
The Boss says I
The Leader says We
The Boss says who is wrong
The Leader shows what is wrong
The Boss knows how it done
The Leader shows how to do it
The Boss demands respect
The Leader commands respect
So, be a Leader and Not the Boss.

BUT there areTHINGS I LIKE :Hugo Boss n 'BOSS'

p/s:- i'm not refer to anyone.. so if you're my boss, kindly please leave my page.. this is my privacy

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