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Saturday, February 28, 2009

All The Best for FINAL


May 02 Saturday
0830-1115 Haematology (amali)
1400-1600Haematology (theory)

May 03 Sunday
0900-1100 Histopathology (amali)
1400-1645 Histopathology (theory)

May 04 Monday
0900-1100 Bio Chemistry (amali)
1400-1645 Bio Chemistry (theory)

May 05 Tuesday
0830-1115 Parasitology (theory)
1400-1600 Parasitology (amali)

May 06 Wednesday
0830-1115 Blood Bank (theory)
1445-1645 Blood Bank (amali)

May 07 Thursday
0830-1115 Cytology (theory)
1400-1600 Cytology (amali)

May 08 Friday
0830-1115 Microbiology (theory)
1445-1645 Microbiology (amali)

June 15 till 28 (Induksi)

Packed one week final exam start from weekend...i repeat that...weekend.The whole week without gap.i thought MS ISO that we followed required us to sit exam in 3 weeks.Even Masters students have their gap for their exam.What i'm worried is about the health of students.It's not quantity we need but most about quality.QUALITY.You know what the word means? might did not know or care about that even how its spelling.It'snt? QC (Quality Control) and QA(Quality Assurance) doesn't passed right.Haa..haa.. ok my friends,let prove them wrong.Or we can have them sit for the exam exactly packed like us and see how far their performance...
OK all the best..
i-kareiji gakusei,issho kemmei

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