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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sumthing 2 share

Credits to constantilluminations Thanks for da article.About International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Another MUET but this test is recognised throughout the globe.

IELTS, one of the major english tests that universities in English-speaking countries require. Those who wanna study or work overseas must having this test. 

Kinds of Test

Academic Version and General Training Version. Obviously, Academic Version is for prospective students and General Training is for those who apply in working overseas or immigration purposes.

Structure of Test

 Two questions. First is data representation.So you will face the pie charts, the bar charts, graphs and other stats. Put them into  words of 150. Penalty' (marks deduction if less)Second question,they will give you a topic.Its might be a factual essay, discussion or argumentative essay. 250 words. These two tasks should be done within an hour.


 Composition. There are four passages, they may be excerpts from a novel, an article on construction of an unknown material-advertisements/brochures. You have to answer around 6 questions on the passage. Four passages sound easy peasy to comprehend and answer within an hour, right? Every passage 500-900 in words.Haa..haa.. Bugdet your time. So,I advise you to read the questions first.

(Writing and reading components for the Academic Version are more difficult than those of General Training)

An interview will be conducted by an appointed guy/lady of British Council.It's for your fluency, grammar accuracy and appropriate use of words and expressions.The interviewer will ask spontaneous questions about you before giving a topic that's assigned to you.So you can be creative with it and maybe get a few extra pointers for that! The duration would approximately be 15 minutes per candidate.

You will have to listen closely to the conversation aired, simultaneously answering the questions regarding it.British accent and the conversations vary in speed. So,concentration is vital. 

Grade Rewarding

. They rate you using a 'band scale' from 0 to 9. 0 being "Did Not Attempt The Test" and 9 "Expert User".Expert user ni description - Has fully operational command of the language: appropriate, accurate and fluent with complete understanding.

Every component will be awarded a 'band' but the overall score is the one needed for most applications. Some universities do want specific scores for each of the component though.

Sounds wonderful to get a 9, doesn't it? Well you know yours...

Results are usually known 14 working days after the test date.

If you're a private candidate, you can download application form here, choose a suitable test date and send to  British Council.
Bring along RM550 in your pocket...extra money is nice too.
If you're under scholarship, Your scholar provider will pay you off.

All the best,May the best men wins!

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