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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Three years have gone but its memories still in mine

For three years i've been study in the college......

Ok,let me story morry about my first enrolment in this college...after SPM result came up in March 2004,i decided to sign up as much as possible form of IPTA/IPTS include this SPA form.I still remember for SPA form,my best friend (Wan Mohd Hamdan)and i go together and sign up the form online.While waiting for any call,my best friend and i went to high school for our form six.We both took physics as our stream.My best friend is the head of student in our secondary school.We're not in the same class cause there is 3 classes for lower six.One class for biology and two class for physics.My favourite subject in high school is chemistry.This teacher inspire me a lot.
KTMP is between Kuala Lumpur General Hospital and UKM KL campus,in Institute for Medical Research (IMR) for the exact.In front of KL tallest hotel,Grand Season and beside to Chow Kit Monorail Station.
First call for IPTA did not come for me.So do my best friend.In October i got a letter from UiTM asks me to attend an interview.In the same date i've to sit for my final exam:MUET but i decided to go.In the interview session,i impressed the interviewer until then i fail to answer two questions:first the ministry of science,technology and innovation and second the correct name for Yang Dipertuan Agung.As i expected i did not get an offer for my first choice and imagine what i got.My second choice.I decided to go as i want to run from a big task that school gave me for next year,2005.I will appointed as The head of Student.Perhaps,the high school that i studied is first handling form six.Then i registered in the university (UiTM of Arau/Perlis branch) under second intake of UPU,during the worst flood that struck the northern region of M'sia peninsular.Alhamdulillah,happy and hurdles along my way but all good things come to an end.I start to be happy here.
This is the new motto from The Health Ministry of Malaysia for 2009
In the end of January 2005,my family called me and told me about a letter.A SPA letter.I came home for the SPA exam after i got a permission from the university.You know the date of exam fall on our one day Biro Tata Negara module.I've to substitute my BTN with some other students afterward.During my mid semester break,i'm look out for my best friend in school.I wore my high school unifrom and buat selamba de je masuk kelas. Teachers don't recognise me.Ha..haa..In the end of April,I'm back home one day early before my study weeks.I got an interview call for SPA.I didn't not come home after arrived at bus station,my dad picks me up and i take a morning shower in a public gent room and heading to interview centre.
Our college motto :(knowledge and skills are the cradle of excellance)
My study weeks end and i realize something happen to my little brother,Irfan.I told my mum,she did not realize anything after all and the day after i went to the university my family took him to the clinic before proceed to hospital.At first the doctor said it could be something wrong with his kidney then one day my family call me and asks me to come home.My little brother just had his first bone marrow aspiration and biopsy,and chemotherapy afterward.He was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (A.L.L).I do come home..i take a leave from my field training (one day).In the end of my practical i got an offer letter to register as a student in this college,Kolej Teknologi Makmal Perubatan Kuala Lumpur.You know how happy i was.Futhermore after i know my little brother got that A.L.L.That why i include his story as my big part i'm here.I completed my field training and got less than two weeks for medical check up and do all stuff,you know all stuff before going to new IPT.
Our hostel,is just behind IJN (National Heart Institute).Near to Pusrawi,Wisma Sejarah,Hotel Putra and National Library.It's also near to Pusat Darah Negara (PDN),Istana Budaya,Galeri Seni Kebangsaan and Tasik Titiwangsa.
My friends in UiTM feel really sad because i'm leaving.I'm feel it too.I've been one of English favourite lecturer's student in U. I score A+.The one and only subject that i got 4.00.My batch friends hope that i can be an English emcee for our next semester expo.Playing badminton and tennis in university large and huge stadium.Its library and free cyber cafe.Orange and Apple (Food court in u).Haa..haa..i'm just telling you.To all friends that ever know me,please contact me...i miss all of you.Aha about my best friend he got an offer letter as Medical Assistant in Perak.We're both in our last semester right now and waiting for posting...

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