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Friday, October 16, 2009

KYLE XY : I've Had The Time Of My Life

Kyle XY
"There's really no formula for perfection." - Nicole 

episode 10 (season finale)
Expectations. Everyone had expectations this week, including myself. Sadly, the season finale of Kyle XYdidn't meet my expectations. The previous episodes had set everything up for a rocking finale and, instead, we were treated to a mushy prom filled with teen angst, expectations, mishaps, and a spiked punch. It was such a letdown that I wonder if the the writers were already in strike mode when they wrote this.

Even if, as Nicole said, there is no formula for perfection, I expected much more from this episode. I wanted to see a glimpse of Latnok (even if it was the members at the table watching Kyle on monitors), I wanted some action (more than a leaky roof), I wanted a hint as to what Brian had decided. I didn't expect loads of answers but I did want more cliffhangers. Yes, we did get a cliffhanger that will have Kyle/Amanda fans worrying for months but is it enough to get all fans to return for season 3?

Don't get me wrong, I love the series but I feel cheated right now. For a series that revolves around mystery and conspiracy, this finale is not up to par. The only way the kidnapping of Amanda would be remotely cliffhanger-y is if it turns out that Latnok is not behind it. Right now, I see the beginning of season 3 going like this: Kyle discovers that Latnok kidnapped Amanda in order to have him work for them; he complies since he wants to save Amanda; his family and friends (including Jessi, Foss, and Adam) will try to bust him out of the Latnok facility. The end. Okay, maybe I'm cutting it a bit dry.

Even the "will Jessi leave Seattle" cliffhanger isn't one. Jaimie Alexander, who plays Jessi, confirmed that she's signed on for next season. So the only real question is will Sarah stick around or will Jessi live with the Tragers?

If you've been reading my reviews of the series (Season 3), you know I prefer the plot-driven episodes of Kyle XY. However, I do like the characters to evolve. Even if "I've Had The Time Of My Life" was character-driven, the characters didn't evolve that much. Kyle and Amanda confirmed their love, which wasn't much of a surprise; Josh and Andy decided that they weren't ready for the next step; and Lori decided to move on. The latter is surely the one who grew the most in this final hour of the season. Lori has matured a lot this past season and prom night was a turning point in her life. It will be quite interesting to see Lori next season. Now that Leclan is no more, will she still interact with Declan? Since Mark is only 19, will she go against her father's advice and give the DJ a chance?  

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