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Friday, October 16, 2009

KYLE XY : Hello...

Kyle XY

Wow! Another great episode that paved the way for what will surely be a rocking finale. So expect to see the prom unfold, more Sarah and Jessi dealings, and surely more Latnok. In the meantime, let's deal with this week's Jessi-centric episode, "Hello..."

Even if it was wishful thinking on my part, I was expecting more from Sarah when she first spoke to Kyle in the dinner. I wanted to know more about why she did what she did, what Latnok is all about, etc. As it was the case for Jessi, my expectations towards Sarah were way too high. I should have known better than to expect someone who faked her death and went into hiding for years to spill all the beans in one sitting. No matter, she did give us a few clues between her "help Jessi" and "Brian is evil" warnings to Kyle. The main thing she confirmed was that Latnok is composed of scientists that put emotions aside and work off facts and numbers. Then again, it's nothing really new but hearing it from Sarah puts it in another perspective since Adam never said much about the people behind Latnok.

Talking about Sarah,I think she proved it this week. She offered a detached and mysterious performance, which is to be expected for a character such as Sarah. I know she'll turn up next week too but somehow I hope she will be there next season. Sarah and Jessi have a lot to learn about life, relationships, friends, and emotions; it would be interesting to see them live and evolve together. Now that Latnok has its eyes back on Kyle and that Brian may be leaving the country, maybe Sarah and Jessi have a shot at being a family... at least until Brian shows back up!

Speaking of Brian, I was almost jumping up and down while watching the scene where Jessi, Kyle and Nicole confront him! Even if Foss (yay, Foss is back!) is pretty convincing even when not saying much, Brian is not done with his pet project daughter. The man lives and breathes Latnok even if he doesn't have a seat around the table. He'll probably take a step back and hit hard when we least expect him to.

Latnok clearly has eyes everywhere and anywhere. Do they follow Jessi and Kyle's every move? How did they know about what happened in the dinner? They probably decided to investigate when the news that weird stuff happened there. I wonder what they have planned for Kyle now that they know he can do greater things than expected. Remember that Kyle was seen as imperfect by Latnok.

Other scenes of interest
  • Lori's description of what prom is was priceless. With descriptions like that, it's a wonder that she couldn't come up with better lyrics. Then again, if she had, we wouldn't have witness the Mark/Lori fallout and then patching things up. I was sure that Lori would ask Mark to come to the prom after he said he didn't go to his. Seems not. But I'm sure that even if Leclan is back on thatLark is not over.
  • Even if I'm not 100% sure that Declan didn't plan the "being alone at prom" thing, that scene with him asking Lori to prom was cute. "I'm asking because you are the only one I want to go with."
  • Josh and Andy have a great relationship and it's enjoyable to watch it unfold. They truly love one another no matter the problems and heartaches. They are the teen equivalent of Sandy and Kirsten from The O.C.
  • I'm not sure what I think of the Lori and Jessi friendship. Did they patch things up too fast? It looked almost too convenient for the episode to have they bond. It gave Lori something to write about and had her agree to have Jessi stay with the Tragers even after all the evil things that Jessi did.
  • Hillary was once again a great comic relief. Her take on life brings the needed snark: do research and get everyone laid; speak French cuisine, etc.
Best lines of the week

  • "Andy is like the coolest guy I've ever known in a body I can make out with." - Josh

  • "I finally have the chance to prove that I'm worth something." - Jessi

  • "Your brain power equals my cash flow." - Josh to Declan

  • "Everyone knows you are just jealous." - Mark to Lori

  • "What would Kyle do?" - Josh and Amanda

  • "My mother lied and my father lied. It's true, I'm a mistake." - Jessi

  • "Trust me, you don't want to come back." - Foss to Brian

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