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Thursday, September 10, 2009


episode 8

"We need to prove that we matter." - Brian about himself and Jessi
'She could be you' aired in the end of this episode as Kyle finally found Sarah. Wow, a great episode of Kyle XY. It smells like the season is almost over, Yeah with two more upcoming episodes. Episodes are getting better and offer us a good crop of background info and mysteries (aka everything Sarah-related and Brian's end game). The most interesting storyline this week was probably that of Kyle exchanging messages with the "anonymous" person, tracking down Sarah and finally coming face to face with her. We've been waiting weeks for this reveal and it's finally tonight! 
Kyle XYKyle XYKyle XYKyle XYKyle XY
Well, Ally Sheedy is the actress playing SarahI must say that she is a fitting choice for such a role. Not only does she look like an older Jessi but she also has the acting skills needed to play someone who sounds like a demented genius.

Even if I can't wait to see what she'll have to say to Kyle, what I'm most eager for is when Sarah will meet Jessi. The latter is trying to emulate what she knows her mother did in the past and it's not going well. Just look at the aftermath caused by Jessi posting the test questions online. It'll probably take a meeting with the present Sarah to have Jessi stop acting recklessly and see Brian for who he really is.

Kyle XY

Speaking of Brian, he is really pushing the envelope (aka Jessi XX) as far as he can so he can prove that they (mostly him) matter. I wonder what his presentation to the Latnok people will be like. Will he put Jessi under a microscope so to speak and have her perform various tricks for the audience in the hope he'll regain a ring? Sarah warned Kyle that Brian will go as far as destroying Jessi; does that include killing her if it means a seat around the Latnok table? For sure, the man seems on a mission and ready to face everything in everyone (including Nicole) that'll be in his way.

Other scenes of interest

  • The goddesses of everything estrogen telling Kyle how to ask Amanda to the prom was amusing. They clearly didn't help him out much by telling him it's easy to ask but that he must ask at the perfect moment. Easier said than done. Not helping Kyle's case was also the girls telling Amanda that he was about to ask her to the prom! Kyle should know better than telling a secret to Hillary, the gossip queen.
  • Lori is outraged at Jessi eavesdropping on a conversation between Declan and Kyle, but soon asks Jessi to tell her what Declan is saying about the prom! Even if Lori claims Declan and she are friends without benefits, she clearly still cares about him a lot. Then again, she also has a huge crush on Mark even if she keeps denying it.
  • Kudos to Josh for putting his act together and becoming a B student. It's not an easy task and he did it well. Sadly for him, he still lives with his average student label but the redo test will surely help him show the principle that he is on the right path now.
  • Jessi is getting quite powerful. Not only can she move weights and rocks but she can also heal at will. What's next? Declan told Kyle about Jessi healing him but not about the "I have to be ready part." I hope he does next week because it's an important piece of information even if Jessi didn't say why she needed to be ready. Kyle will be able to put 2 and 2 together and figure out that Brian is preparing Jessi for a show and tell at Latnok headquarters. 
  • I hope Nicole does some digging on the social worker. She was clearly surprised to learn that Brian knew about her being on notice.

Best lines of the week

  • "Been there. Done Him." - Hillary
  • "You are Mr Purist 'no I cannot tell a lie'." - Josh
  • "Make the world safer for bananas everywhere." - Josh
  • "I may have morals but I still want to see who doesn't." - Josh

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