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Thursday, September 3, 2009

KYLE XY : Primary Colors

episode 7
"I'm alive." - Sarah
As many of us theorized, Sarah is alive and kicking. What we don't know though is where she is, why she sent the disk to Jessi and not Adam, how she discovered Jessi and where she lives, what her end game is, etc. The reveal of her being alive was interesting as in tapped in Kyle's abilities and showed everyone what could happen if Kyle was "mediocre".

Everyone took Kyle for granted and expected him to help them. Stephen ask him for help him at the kicthen for some cooking stuff for Nicole. It's their anniversary. Lori, with her music composition. Josh, with some biology books. Amanda and Hillary with Trigonometry. Kyle being, well, Kyle, he couldn't say no to his friends and family members so not to disappoint them. Even if we now know that his brain farts were due to the song, it's clear that everyone was too demanding and that Kyle needed to learn to calm down and think of himself in all of this. But Kyle being, well, Kyle, I doubt that he'll slow down any time soon especially now that they know Sarah is out there and clearly wants to be found.

Kyle XY
After seeing Sarah's message, I went back to "Great Expectations" in which Kyle receives an IM that included a Latnok symbol from an anonymous source. I wanted to know if the symbol in the email had a red center and it does not (see picture on the left). I thought that maybe Adam sent Kyle the IM to let him know he was back in action (Adam showed up a few episodes after the IM was sent); however, it was never cleared up who sent the IM. So could Sarah have sent the email and included the Latnok ring of another member to put Kyle on a certain path? 

The Tragers called on Adam to help Kyle with his hearing problems. It was about time that the three of them met but why didn't they want Lori and Josh to meet Kyle's biological father? Just imagine what wisdom sayings would have come out of Josh's mouth when face to face with Adam! Now that the Tragers and Adam met, I expect more visits from him to the house. Adam now knows he is welcomed to the Tragers' and Nicole will probably want to meet with him in order to better understand Kyle in the hope to help him evolve and develop his abilities in the proper environment.Lastly,Mrs. Bloom gaves a 'Yes' for Prom Night Party to Amanda and Kyle.

Before i forget: As what i predicted last week , Andy was healed. It's still unclear though if it was Kyle's doing but I'm happy she is alright. Adam doesn't think Kyle is able to heal someone else at this stage of his development. But Kyle is not Adam so anything is possible. Plus Kyle did have a nose bleed after hugging/healing Andy, so it could be proof that he did heal her. Then again, some will argue that he tried to heal her but that he isn't powerful enough yet to completely cure her.

Kudos to the sound editing of this episode because I was annoyed and disoriented, which helped understanding how Kyle was feeling at the time.

Other scenes of interest
  • Stephen, a man, actually remembered an anniversary without being reminded!
  • Jessi's tutoring technique need some tweaking! However, it was hilarious to see Josh on the floor trying to study while doing push ups.
  • Hillary telling Stephen about "Loclan" (Lori, Declan) and then Mark and Lori was priceless. She voiced everything we've been seeing between Mark and Lori and it looks like it'll head exactly where we think it'll lead: a relationship.
  • It must not have been easy for Carol to cross the lawn in order to thank Kyle. Seeing her daughter play piano again had such a profound effect that she didn't think long before allowing Kyle to take Amanda to the prom. Kyle may have won this fight but the battle between him and Carol is definitely not over. Remember, she's a glacier, not an ice cube!
Best lines of the week
  • "I won the coin toss... for your brain!" - Josh to Kyle
  • "She's a glacier, not an ice cube." - Amanda about her mother
  • "Here lies Lori Trager. Singer/songwriter. Chocked on her own lyrics." - Lori
  • "He's like the idiot king of Stupid Town." - Josh about Kyle
  • "The mad scientist who brewed Kyle." - Josh about Adam

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