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Thursday, September 10, 2009

I wasTagged... What about U

You're TAGGED ! Answers this 8 simple questions and publish it on your wall :-
  • Your currently Top 5 English Songs Most Listen To :
  1. Fire Burning Sean Kingston
  2. Touch My Hand David Archuletta
  3.  Pieces by SUM41
  4. 21 Guns by Green Day
  5. Love and Memories by OAR
  6. Could i have more.... please....
  • Your currently Top 3 Malay Songs Most Listen To :
  1. Pergi by Aizat
  2. Revolusi by Bunkface
  3. Raya yang Sempurna by Awie ( of course on this festive season)
  • Your currently Top 3 Global Songs ( another languages ) Most Listen To :
  1. Sawadee Pee Mai by Tongchai McIntyre
  2. Fearless by Huang Yuan Jia
  3. Con Lo Bien Que Te Ves by Westlife
  • The Most Favourite Place To Visit and why :
Jerusalem... because it's not easy to get there. Am i rite?
  • Your Dream Car :
BMW.... (keep dreaming..haha) but i love MPV types more... could i have one
  • Write with a proper and correct grammar of Bahasa Malaysia about yourself descriptions :
Apa nak tulis erk... ok... aku agak susah nak bergaul buat kali pertama tapi bila dah kenal kecoh lah nanti.. apa- apa pun aku kan memang begitu... ok dah...
  • Upload one of any pictures of yours and tell the readers why you upload that pic :
    I love my life covered with books.. i'm knowledge addicted so the best picture will be at my desk. One more there are two sides of my face above... light and dark... haha..

  • Your dream thing to do :
Jump from the roof and get no hurt... one more could i've the power of electrics so i can switch on any electronic stuff when black out.

Thanks on your participation. Now, send this to at least 5 of your friends...
Ananz, Kaizar, Akmal Wise Up, Aslann, Diloz, Danial Anubis, Hamlet Heroes and 143 community... please answers this questions.

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