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Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Chronicles Of Posting Part One

Exactly at 11.20 a.m this morning, a postman came to my house. He gave me two letters. One for my Convocation this October and one more... the most important letter... my offer letter for my job. I might be posted a few days after Raya.

Things to do:-
  • Send a feedback letter about convocation to the college
  • Medical check-up
  • Fills up all the form
  • Wait the second letter that informs me about when i'll be posted and where i should be... well for my job
:: The Chronicles Ends here ::


Ananz said...

lepas raya eaa?
jemput mai hkl noooo


insyaallah kalau dapat area2 sana... hehe.. pokoknya tak dapat lagi surat yang satu lagi tu yang akan beritahu di mana penempatan... tq2


Some others said before Raya... they will send us another letter via pos laju in the nearest time...

Ananz said...

korang raya la kat tempat kerja korang nanti... tapi takpe, challenge tu... huhu