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Saturday, September 18, 2010


Beyond Expectation!!!

I'm not supposed to be here... what else i should say.... For my entire life... this is a big confusion that i had to face.. just forget about Illuminati and seven fuckin' peguins who try to conquer the land world with their happy feet from Antartica

Let me explain:-
Eurm.... i totally did'nt understand for every single word i wrote here...Nay!!!! Just Wake Me Up When September Ends...LOL
Playmates:-the meerkat and the big cat a.k.a Lion
I'm just realized that :- Whoa, look at that, a year passed by from my first enrolment to this "LOVELY" workplace... they are liar... a big liar.... November will be a month of disaster... they're totally monster.. And me just an experimental test tube.. not me.. i means 'we'.. No more extra money... and you will work like you're gonna build an End Of Time Pyramid (PAZ-Piramid Akhir Zaman)... so, let me be a striper.. a pool dancer... haha.. Nope2x... it's Haram.. Haram?? are you kiddin' me... Yeah i knows how religiously you're... and how bad i am.. and how good you sacks people... Ooo for the sake of your fuckin' bosses... and dats not to be counted as haram or sins.. Xcelly who are you? 

this year Raya is not a Happy Raya for me... not becoz i'm working on dats days but... eurm i don't know... Out of my conscience...

A Cereal Killer Serial Killer... Murderer... a bloody fuckin' stupid lawyer really made me sick.... what  happen to this country.... A centre of world Multi Resident Evils??? no wonder 'MALAY"sia is not on the top of their own country... Just forget about Kuan Yew said.. Kuan Yew?? who's him.. 

Gomenasai for everything.... i totally did'nt understand for every single word i wrote here... i try to live my simple life.. simply be myself... the new of me!!!!

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