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Sunday, September 19, 2010


I wanna be a billionaire
 so fuckin bad
buy all of the things i never had
i wanna be on the cover of Forbes Magazine
Smiling next to Opera and the Queen

Haha... keep dreaming la Ikhwan... this Bruno Mars' song used to be my hp message ringtone long time before... You know what.. there is a little boy in a rural area.. a dreamin' boy.... dreaming to be the best in whatever he do! dreaming to be apart of the world.. be somebody.. n that boy is me! i really hope that i'm still the same boy... the boy with hope and dream!! even sometimes i'm too waver from my dream..

O' God.. what happen to me... i'm not going to be unsatisfy or ungratitude to all gift from You.. that why You send the prophets.. Adam bloodline.. the patriach Abraham,Moses, Jesus, and Mohamed to show us the way and guide us what the best.. but i'm a kind of ignorance lately... O' somebody please help me!

I always remember what my mum n dad repeatly said " Belajar sungguh-sungguh nanti hidup senang bila dah besar "

i think i better stop here... ok fullstop!

p/s :- bila da kayo tue jgn plak bogel cam orang kat atas niii... pegi beli pakaian erk.... hehe!!! suka hati aku laa nak letak gambar apa da aku punya..

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