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Sunday, March 15, 2009

PPSMI bikkuri shi mashta

I actually not really interested to discuss about this topic but after a street demonstration in March 07 this year,its invite me to talk a little bit about this as a student who learn and not as 'short sighted demonstrator'.PPSMI or in other words is the using of English as a medium of learning & teaching in Science & Mathematics subject.D.e.m.o.n.s.t.r.a.t.i.o.n against the matter was six years late.
I come from kampung and i didn't exposed to this teaching method since it was first introduced in 2003 but i have been one of the supporters of the PPSMI initiative from the start.It was a big loss for me.My dad and my mum teach me english since i was 2 years old eventhough they're not have a good command in the language.I do not claim that my English is excellant,but many my friends and teachers seem to think so.I am pleased to be selected in any English activities such as English parliamentary debate in school or English MC.When my friends first heard me speak in English,they thought that i have English accent in my blood.I did not worry about the language.Bahasa Malaysia still in our heart as a national language.Take Nik Nur Madihah for example,she come from a rural area but still can be the best student for 2008 SPM with 19A1 and 1A2.She answer in English what...We need to realize that most reference books and informations are in English and we need to compete with other races and later in the working environment at world level.So,we would like to appeal to the authorities-please keep the implementation of English in Science and Math going.Most people in this world are going to learn more and more languages.If we going to work in Japan,we need to learn japanese language."if you want to work with us then speak our lingo". Can we afford to do the same?
you can read here for more : Che Det
p/s : i learn mandarin ma...
Liverpool wins over MU 4-1 last night.

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