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Wednesday, July 7, 2010



I'm supposed to start my work in new section... a MoU agreement for every six month between all staffs... I'm tired with past ten months.. Workload and whatsoever fuckin' stupid people n things i faced.. Nothing much i wanna wrote on this wall.. coz i did'nt want to show my madness or immatured like some other people do.. so let me be who i am... An Underdog.. 
Pot of gold: Stunning images taken of a rainbow caused by the midnight sun reveal a golden glow where the arc meets the horizon
Due to my hectic schedule... now i'm dying with sore throat, dehydration and a lil bit of fever.. my face always look pale.. maybe i did'nt get enough oxygen and proper sleep... or my haemoglobin in RBCs not functional enough like anyone else as i'm being diagnosed with Thalassaemia Hb E.. not serious ok.. i'm just a carrier... 

'Bout WC 2010:-
Last night Netherland wins over Uruguay 3:2 and this morning at 2.30am Spain will fight with Germany for final place... i really hope Espanya will wins this match and be in the final with Netherland... Viva Espanya
Somewhere over the rainbow: This picture was taken in northern Finland, where the summer sun never sets and the light is still strong enough to form a rainbow in the middle of the night
I bought July issue of August Man this evening at the Mall.. it's the travel issue...with 2 comics + KFC Snack Plate + McD (for last World Cup Coca Cola Contour Glass-charcoal color).. there is six collection of it.. five in KL and one in my hometown.. haha.. Love it... Oh no, Fast food will increase my sodium level and worsening my dehydration... then, drink a gallon of H2O.. tomorrow.. attend a safety and health meeting... after working hours... plannin' to watch 'ECLIPSE' at TGV..

Angah, on your birthday today... i wish all the good things alway be with you..


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