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Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hello Guys....
Today is the first of July... the beginning of the third quarter for this year... and i want to congrat myself for being able to update this weblog in my workplace.. this is the first time i do dats... haha... i'm on duty (nite call)... as i told uoals before, my schedule is totally packed n i've a very hectic lifestyle... so i try to make my life in a kinda of happy, beautiful n a fablane life... Huhu..I think i'm gonna post a lil bit 'bout South Africa World Cup 2010.. i wish i've my time space on it... my favourite Team is Spain coz they're mainly from Liverpool... n hey!!! Spain in quarter final meet Paraguay this July 03rd at 2.30am (Malaysian time) after wins over Portugal 1:0 , So see you soon guys~

David Villa scored his fourth goal of the tournament on a rebound


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