YESTERDAY WE LEARN χθες μαθαίνουμε , TODAY WE PRACTISE σήμερα ασκούμε , TOMORROW WE ACHIEVE αύριο επιτυγχάνουμε

Sunday, October 17, 2010


    • Ikhwankaizen Carl

      Today Is A Brand New Day For Me And For You Too ^_^
      I Love Sunday Eventhough I Had To Working Today. Wake Up Rise N Shine In Early Morning.. TSH section has been shorted from 10am till 5pm to 9am till 2pm... Guess what:- To Cut The Cost Of Human Resources... Illogical Mad Driven Excuse..Curse You LOL.. Stop Overshadow Our Profesion Moron.

      At 5pm till 7pm (Weekend) is my work out time in Gym.. Fitness First For Specific.. I Can Easily Comfortable Myself Here.. 

      My Body First Training With Personal Trainer Will Be Tomorrow:-

      • First Training Mon, Oct 18th : 10 till 12pm - I'm Working On Shift Tomorrow 1pm till 9pm
      • Second Training Thu, Oct 21st : 7pm till 8pm 
      • Third n Last Training Sat, Oct 23rd : 11pm till 1pm

      Dine Out After that at Suria Food Court, One Long Parmasen Oregano Subway Burger (Kinda favourite of mine).. Turkey Breast Double Meat, Cheese... Put It All Except Onion (yerk!!!!) and Chili... Mayonise, Thousand Islands and BBQ Sauce... Sir.. Do You Need Your Drink Here.. Owh Yes, Ice Lemon Tea.. ^_^
      One Half Eat Onboard... Another Half As A Standby In Home..

      Went Up To Stadium Sport Centre Looking For Leather Fitness Gloves... Something Happen To Me When I Was In Golf Section.. Wahh.. Beautiful Hat.. The Black One.. I Try It By Looking Myself With That Hat In Front Of The Mirror.. Waah.. It's Really Fit Me Enough But Not Worth It To Buy.. So I Just Thinking To Snap The Picture Itself... Then.. A Sturdy Salesman Come To Me.. 

      Err.. Excuse Me, You Can't Snap Any Picture Here.. 
      Eurm.. Ok.. I'm Really Sorry.. Did'nt Know The Rule.. 
      Where You Came From... I Mean Which Country.. 
      Err.. Malaysia.. I'm Malaysian... 
      Owh Then You Really The Local One Lah.. 
      Owh Yes I Am...
      Owh Then I Give You A Chance For You To Snap The Picture With The Hat.. 
      Eurm.. It's Ok Nevermind.. 
      I Just Worried About All CCTV Here.. That Only.. 
      K..  I Understand.. 
      Eurm Malu *Blushing.

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