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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Hi Guys,
I've decided to make this weblog as my unofficial online personal journal... heh.. nope... just to trace back what i'm doin' for the year..
Yesterday i fall aslept in my office... 7pm till 20 past 9.. thanks for the rain... Then i came home, have a lil bit conversation with my housemate Bro and our senior guest M.. Ust.Amirul was on TV followed by Jack Black in School Of Rock... at 10.30pm, i landed on my bed checked up for e-mail, fb and update whatsoever that i think necessary.... damn!!! no internet connection.. so i just kept myself in friday night fever... not because of the rain but my oldie songs in winamp.. 
I woke up in the next morning with a brand new of me... i means i got a wonderful dream but the truly is i dream more while i'm awake... my close friend noticed this i think... hehe... that... the beautiful of dreams... no need cent to pay.. I worked from 8am till 2.30pm today... for 2011 and onwards, i keep myself reminded that life is too short to waste time in hatred... life is a school and i am here to learn... problems are simply part of the curriculum that appear and fade away like calculus class but the lessons learnt will last a lifetime... try to see the beauty inside the others... i'll work smart, pray smart, dress smart and live smart... let us pray for the better tomorrow for all of us.. ameen.. 
On the noon, i sent this message to my roomate... my roomate while i was in the college as a student..
"hi, sorry i didn't pick up your phone call last previous nite.. i was in cinema.. then i forgot to call you back nor leave a how's life now? u're officially HKL staff rite now... hehe... Happy Ponggal homie.."
After work, i thought i can simply catch for LRT to Maluri coz my Aunt cooked something special.. so i do sent her a text
"i'll go there after work today... Might be around 30 minutes past 3. Godwillingness"
and a call
Then 7 minutes before 3, i sent her another message
"kawan ajak pegi the curve damansara... ingat tak bleh pegi la rumah mama hari ni... mlm ni pun ada birthday party kawan... esok nak pergi Putrajaya"
Oh God, i choose for Damansara instead of my own Aunt.. i had no time to see her since our last meet on 10/10/10 (her only son's wedding)... i must find the way to meet her someday... what a kind of nephew i'm... heh... 
Headed West Upper Side to Damansara with Nasa, Dastan and Myoko after lunch in Kg Baru...
At the Curve, i bought something from Padini Concept Store... something from Toyrus... and much more things from IKEA... i wanna be a milionaire so fricking all of the things i never had...  are you feel the same... nope?? owh you're just lying...
Headed East Upper Side for dinner in Taman Melati Jalan P4... dropped Myoko in the office coz she's onduty tonight.. We went to Xavi's belated birthday party... nice dress... green in color... Hana also there with a black polka dot beautiful dress and red shoes... with her fairy tooth... hehe...

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