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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Return 1433

Hell yeah, it has been ages i didn't post any entry to the wall. I'm really sorry guys i'm a very bad blogger right now!
So here we go again and today is the premiere new season of my weblog.Firstly, i can't think of a better way to start than giving a million of thanks... to the internet surfers that visit my weblog. That of course means YOU! (if i got ones, haha) 

It's 1.35am and i should be in my bed. Next few hours must be wake up so early for sahur.. It was very cool to have Ramadhan.. Now, i transfered to the state and i met a handful of interesting people. I kinda just go with whatever comes my way.
Last before i ends the entry... i'm sorry to say that i had to inactivate this Weblog without any notice for almost one and half years. I'm working very hard on my recovery and hey, thanks to everyone for being there and continuing give me your support.Your support and affection means to me.

Until then, See You Soon.
Have a good weekend. everyone.


Umar said...

Welcome back bro! And happy fasting ;)

Ικηωανκαιζεν ® said...

hi Umar, thanks.. happy blessed Ramadhan to u too.. hope to see u soon!