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Friday, February 11, 2011

Day First After CNY Holidays

Hi Guys,
Feb 08'11
This is my first post after CNY holidays... i kick start my work on last Tuesday.. 
and guess what? 
a massive traffic jam along the way.. my bus actually 8.40 am in the morning but due to 'back to the city' exodus, the bus late for 4 hours... i called the infoline of that company for i just sit back and relax for another 9 hours in the bus from my hometown to the city center (12.30am-9.30pm) fuh!!! hip hip hooray, it's lame.. i'm super duper damn exhauted!!

when the bus reached Putra, i decided to walk along the street of Chow Kit area to my workplace coz my Prius was there.. i can't go home that night.. the gate was totally locked off.. i can't move out even one inch of my Prius, so i just stay and spent the night together with my lab clique... in the staff room..

The next morning i woke up and headed on my way to De Casalle (the word that refer to my room) it was french word for 'flower'... well i dream to sleep on the bed of roses.... takde ros.... daun daun kering pun jadilah... besh besh...

After i took a proper shower and perfectly attire.. i went down going back to my workplace... maybe i should give a name to my workplace too... what about  d'paisiatros (παῖς ἰατρός)  refer to one of my photo album on fb (March 11'10) haha... it was Paediatric Lab LOL!! 
My normal working hours 8.30am till 5.30pm.... eurm two bad things happen to me that morning

first: my little finger (el menique/jari kelinking) on my left hand injured... bleeding... got paper cut when i try to throw trash away from De Casalle

Second: i involved in a road accident... nothing happen to me either my Prius... thanks Allah (Alhamdulillah).. jatuh tergolek gak le aku ni... bangun bangun aku tengok Prius aku dulu.. ok ke tak pash tue baru tengok diri aku... kene langgar Ok i'm fine!!!

Good things
  • yesterday our choir team for Monthly Assembly start their practise.. this is our second time after 5S launching March last year... Yeah!!
  • I returned home after a big dinner with Hana Sakuraji and Dastan.... a lot of story to tell... Hana got Terengganu vacation and her relative's family day in Lembah Pangsun (hehe asal berendam dalam air je demam... asal demam jer mesti berendam), Dastan got Pangkor vacation and Me myself got 7 day off... went back to Micasa d'amor (words refer to my parent Home, Spanish word for lovely home/home sweet home) in Kelantan Darul Naim (the blessed state).... that just for our CNY holidays...

Ikhwankaizen Carl®'s thoughts in voiceover:Really Juice
i love to spend my time with my family... it really worth coz family comes first.. i doesn't care at all my money running out from my wallet... love my family (BAIHAQI @ GALAXYZ CK) i gave that name to my family while i was in form 2. CK is our boss in the family a.k.a Dad.. his name is Che Kar. His First Lady got birthday on CNY Feb O3rd... CARL derived from Che Kar And Rose's Love

恭喜发财 Gong Xi Fa Cai Mum... 
eh silap... 
Happy Birthday Mum.. Allah bless!!!

Your Virtual Friend
Blogging Off Hasta la Vista.. Adios!!

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