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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hepi Besday & Happy Anniversary Eja Hamzah

Hi Guys,

Here we go again, I met Eja Hamzah my cousin in hometown during CNY... she coming back too for holidays. Missed her hubby as what she told me LOL coz her hubby worked in Kelantan as UiTM lecturer. So i just thought she might really need a good time together as her birthday and their anniversary are coming closer. This beautiful gurl was born to the world on  February 09th...


Their anniversary will be on this February 14th 2011 as they married exactly on dats day last year and guess what Alhamdulillah she's got a baby inside her womb
 Joyful on the face, err i'm not in the pic :-(

Finally Eja Hamzah and Faiz Iskandah married and they're Happily Ever After.... Happy Anniversary for both of you guys... Love dats ;-)

Words begin with A B C.. Numbers begin with 1 2 3 Musics begin with Do Re Mi.. But Love begin with U (Eja Hamzah) and me (Faiz Iskandah) Ikhwankaizen Carl

Last but not least, i wanna give this cake to you
Whoa!!! take a look on dats.. this is not the cake that i means... hehe.. take it easy on me.. it's was the cake that my clique bought for her son.. Amirn's birthday yesterday... from another clique... Kak Wan, she's really expert in making cake, confetti cupcake and et cetera..

Ikhwankaizen Carl®'s thoughts in voiceover:Really Juice
I just recalled my memories on their wedding, Oh i still on the MC as i was discharged from 12 days dengue fever... i being grounded warded for dats... still pening lite lite pada ketika itu... haha

Your Virtual Friend
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