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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ikhwancalifornia OffSide on FB

Hi Guys,

Here we go again, finally i have decided to relaunch Ikhwancalifornia fan page on FB.. It will be renamed as Ikhwancalifornia OffSide. It was a brand new fan page for me to share with you guys on fb and the same goes to you guys... sharing something with all fans here...  We're all friends... nothing differentiate us from another... the only thing that made it... is the way we look unto this life.. dress smart and live smart... let us pray for the better tomorrow for all of us.. ameen..
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i launched Ikhwancalifornia fanpage on March 23rd 2010 and today February  13th 2011 i relaunched Ikhwancalifornia OffSide fanpage and already upgraded it as all pages on fb will appear in the new layout beginning March 2011... rumours that fb will be closed in the mid March 2011 on twitter is a fake... FB and google already bought Twitter.. so March 2011 is actually the new beginning and totally not an end of the world!! so feel free to log in to your fb account.. search for Ikhwancalifornia OffSide, simply with your barely pointed finger  click and be a fan.. i mostly appreciate it... you're my source of inspiration

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