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Saturday, February 12, 2011

WTF 2011 $@&*%

Hi Guys,

Here we go again, this time post is not about the plate number of any vehicles in Wilayah Persekutuan, so if dats plate belongs to you... sorry i got nothing to do with dats... 
WTF (i think you know what's that really mean) while 2011 is another trumble that i had to face..
middle finger to you bitch with both of my barely hand
So here goes the story.. 
I'm so pissed off with someone morning mass... should i continue to respect her or remains hypocrite in front of her. She ruined my half day...
why half?
coz today is Friday and i got strength from above... thanks Allah... love u so damn much!!! muah muah!!!
the magnificient Al Syakirin Mosque KLCC, excellente dekat di hati
and guess what, i gave my tomorrow oncall to anyone else as i'm shivering and got a fever coz of hers... sooooo wasteless!!!

from this onwards... i'm will no longer taking serius on her... always make me getting sick.. i'll keep smiling for the world
try to be happy for the world.. huh.. got pimples on face.. my housemate said it was chicken pox.. huh.. lawak
Ikhwankaizen Carl®'s thoughts in voiceover:Really Juice
Don't try to mess with me, if not i'll try to craft yours here as what Taylor Swift do to her ex.. embedded in songs.. be afraid... be really afraid.. small boy is watching you!! beware of chihuahua dog lion heart

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Blogging Off Hasta la Vista.. Adios!!

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