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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Esok Yang Lebih Indah

Tomorrow will be KTMP Islamic Culture & Art Carnival.You know what...every nasyid team only allowed to perform one song instead of two.My nasyid team back out from the competition.I wonder why...they're not so sporting(my team members).AKU GERAM.The only competition that i joined is jawi writing (old malay script using arabic alphabets) and caligraphy.For quiz,they doen'st put my name in the list...not my luck...

From today newspaper,the Star:
Magazine returns with a new look

Galaxie available again after two-month break.

Oohh,now i know what's the big problem i faced for past two months.Now,Galaxie is back in the market with a sporting new look and smaller size.It is easier to carry around..haa..haa..

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