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Friday, April 17, 2009

Someone call me Micki...

Today after Microbiology lab sesion,i interviewed Cik Fadzilah.En.Lutfi also come into the room.There is a lot of things we talk and share about.I can't find Puan Boob Pa.May be she already back to home.I will conclude the interview in the next post coz i need to interview Puan Boob Pa and upload their pictures.Funny things happen,I borrowed a camera from Iki (one of my friends) to capture the pictures but the camera is running out of battery.Yooo...padan muka aku..ha..ha..At the end of the interview,Bro(Azuan),Adam and Kumaran come into the room.Bro and Adam already perform their asar prayer.After the interview we walk to PWTC for KL International Book Fair 2009.Today is its first day.This fair start today and will be end on the 26th of April.

Kumaran ask me: Ikhwan,kamu tak solat ke?
Me: alamak......saya akan solat bila sampai kat PWTC nanti
Me: emmmm....

My brother (Angah) call me this evening while i'm in the lab.I ask him to call me in the night.He call me.We're talking about 15 minutes.He call from home .Holiday? no, he miss home.(Study week).His final exam will be on for three weeks,start from 21st April till 10th May.All The Best,Bro.I talk to all my family members tonight.From what they eat for dinner to my siblings exam result.My form 4 sister (Kak) got no.4 in her class,while my UPSR sister (Alang)got no.1 in class.My youngest sister (Ateh) got no.3.
Then,my mum remains me about solah.My dad inspirits me to do all my best in life and Ateh asks me a yum cake when i'm back to home.Ooo...i really miss home!!! thanks Allah for gives me a happy family.
Someone call me Micki...


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