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Sunday, April 19, 2009

How to motivate yourself

As simple as 1,2,3
  1. always keep hope going for you
  2. believe,and never stop believing,that the tide always comes back
  3. reliaze there is more potential strength built into you than you have ever demonstrated
  4. to use a powerful phrase-dare to be what you want to be and can be
  5. never take no for an answer
  6. do your best and leave the results to Allah [God]
  7. drop the 3 L's-lack,loss,limitation-from your vocabulary
  8. hold the image of the life you want and make the image become fact
  9. keep on hitting,keep on trying
  10. and don't forget prayers.It release power
-and remember...always remember-you can if you think you can

"The positive thinker,instead,sending out optimistic and positive thoughts,activates the world around him positively.On the basis of the same law of attraction,he draws back to himself positive results.He works and keeps on working.He thinks and keeps on thinking.He believes and keeps on believing.He never lets up,never gives in.He gives the effort the full treatment of positive faith and action.Result? He can because he thinks he can.His dreams come true....he attains his goals...miracles happen". -Norman Vincent Peale
We must grab skills and capabilities as much as we can because the world is likes playing chess.It is a fact.Win or loss... In chess,i don't likes the King.Why? becoz he did not have any skills and POWER,only being hope to be proctected by his soldiers,horses,castles,ministries and even his wife (the queen control).What he can doing is look and see.Then...oppss check mate.Ha..haa.. what is the hopeless King? Only knows to move for a square in chess...

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