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Monday, November 8, 2010


Last Sunday.. From Wangsa Walk ----> AU2 ----> KLCC ----> The Ship Kg Baru...

Uhh.. i did'nt want to reveal all things happen to me.. but this is my Weblog right!!! so it's up to me LOL..
It's Might Sound Crazy..
I'm perfectly sure that people out there thinking that i'm a kinda of arrogant and ego.. I dunno coz the real thing is my heart beat stop beating.. i means stop to feel anything beauty inside the others.. i'm numb and clueless due to whatsoever happen to me each time every single day.. Yeah!!! Should i cry and die then? Well of course not... i believe i'm strong enough to face all things confront after me..
After i watched a movie 'LIFE AS WE KNOW IT' then i start to realize and thinking deep inside down under my heart... and i start to listen to the same rythm of music again... my heart beat..

Life As We Know It is a comedy love story between Holly Berenson (Katherine Heigl) and Eric Messer (Josh Duhamel). Holly is the owner of a small bakery while Messer is a promising tv technical sports director for the Atlanta Hawks.. their best friends (Peter and Alison) once set a date for them but it was turn into a disastrous first date. The beauty part is both of them have their mutul dislike and their love in common for Sophie, Peter and Alison's goddaughter. However, Peter and Alison were killed in a devastating car accident and Holly and Messer need to care after Sophie as a legal appointed guardians according to the will.
Then the story start, they need to put their differences aside and move into Sophie's home, to minimize her need for adjustment to the new situation. From then, they struggle to learn how to care for Sophie and in the same time to get along with each other. I just thinking if the same situation had happen to me... being with a gurl that you never love and cares about a child that not belong to yours for your whole life.... it's really hard and a freak stuff, could be a nightmare.. but i really impressed with Messer on how he cope with these situation.. the annoying sound of a baby... learn to be a father... deny his dream just for Sophie.. Here is the biggest lesson i learnt

"Hold Every Person Close To Your Heart Bcoz You Might Wake Up One Day And Realise That You Have Lost A Diamond While You Were Too Busy Collecting Stones"
I write all this things inside my Weblog so i can share my experience with others and express my feeling so it's won't burden my brain that much. I don't care what people said about me anymore, the important thing right now is myself. I need time to heal and back ontrack without any distraction from others.

Xcelly :- Who Am I?


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