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Monday, November 29, 2010


I'm Totally Shocked With A Speech From One Of The Politician In The Far Far Away Promised Land :-Bolehland... He Quoted A Verse From The Holy Qur'an And Simply Manipulated The Verse... It's Not Cool Man When You Try To Fool People With A Very Dumb Uneducated Speech... He Came From An- ONE EYE Political Party And Totally Not From The People Of Books... I Just Wonder Why The Muslims In This Political Party Can't Simply Take A Corrective/Troubleshooting Action Against The Verse. Like Rihanna Says :- I Like The Ways You Lie... Let Us Speak No Evil Especially When We Quoted Some Verse From The Holy Bible, Palsms, Torah And Of Course The Holy Qur'an... 
The Actual Translation Of The Verse Gonna Be Like This-

"Behold! In The Creation Of The Heavens And The Earth, And The Alternation Of Night And Day- There Are Indeed Signs For Men Of Understanding- Men Who Celebrate The Praises Of Allah (Hallelujah), Standing, Sitting, And Lying Down On Their Sides, And Contemplate The Wonder Of Creation In The Heavens And The Earth, (With The Taught): "Our Lord! Not For Naught Have You Created (all) This! Glory To You! Give Us Salvation From The Penalty Of The Fire 
(THQ:-The Family Of Imran:190-191)
Tell Me When Did We Become So Cold And Empty Inside.Lost A Way Long Time Ago,Did We Really Turn Out Blind
Let's Pray For A Beautiful World.A Beautiful World I Share With You

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