YESTERDAY WE LEARN χθες μαθαίνουμε , TODAY WE PRACTISE σήμερα ασκούμε , TOMORROW WE ACHIEVE αύριο επιτυγχάνουμε

Friday, November 12, 2010


Sejahtera... that means Peace

I Just Forget Everything About Yesterday Incident.. I Keep Smiling For The  Whole Morning.. I'm Happy And Decently Dress Today With A Mini And Chuncky Tie... Until A Phone Call Ringing And Ask Me To Go After 'Paduka Raja'... My Heart Begin To Feel Uneasy.. Unstable Pounded.. Oh No... I Try To Calm Myself With Three Times Of Al-Fil Sura' Reciting And Salawat... Why Al-Fil... You Know About The Elephant Years.. A Troop Of Elephant Armies Leaded By Abrahah Cease A Fire Unto The Civilians Of Mecca.. And Then God Sends His Air Force Ababil To Counter Strike... I Do Seek God For Help..

In A Meeting Board With 'Paduka Raja' , I Felt Like I'm In Apprentice TV Program... The Different Is No Donald Trump Inside.. Haha.. You're Fired... That Word Really Scare Me Enough... Sorry Mr.Trump, I Did'nt Means It... I'm One Of Your Admire.. I Read Your Books... So, Beside 'Paduka Raja'.. There Are 'Mamanda a.k.a Marmaduke.. 'Papanda' But Not Kung Fu Panda... Penglipur Lari And Mak Andaman... Luckily During The Post Mortem... Nothing Bad Omen Possessed Them... So It Went Straightly Into The Point... The Equation Is They Ask Me, They Listen To My Explainations, I Try To Understand Them, They Try To Understand Me... The Result Is Tranquillity Embraces Me... You See... Everything Is Flow..

I Skip My Breakfast And I Almost Skip My Lunch For That... :-(

To Make Myself Happier, I Try To Think Positively... There Is Must Be Something Behind That... For My Improvement.. Yeah... Clap Your Hands For That...

After Office Hours... Me.. Myself And One Of A Very Good Friend I Guess Went To AU2.. Why AU2... I Dunno.. But There Is Something Special About This Place.. I Got A Shirt With A Hood That Make Me Thinking Whether I'm Gonna To Wear That Shirt This Saturday In Pavilion (Picture Snap With Christmas Tree) Or In The Bus... On My Way Back To My Beloved Hometown -----> Kelantan.

Hana Sakuraji, I Heart You...

I Bought A Magazine 'AUGUST MAN' That I Read Religiously Since End Of Last Year And Went To GNC For My Supplement: Double Strength Fish Body Oil Rich In EPA, DHA and Omega-3.. That Will Be Include In My Daily Dietry Intake Beside Mega Men Multivitamin, Vitamin C 1000 With Bioflavonoids Timed Release And Mass XXX Ultimate Lean Muscle Builder...

I Skip My Gym Work Out Today :-(

My Sis Kak SMS Me Wondering When I'll Come Back To Hometown... They're All Miss Me Dowh.. She Ask Me To Buy A Japanese Kanji Written Story Book For Alang (My Form 1 Sister).. She Took A Japanese Course In Her School And Got A For That.. She Can Easily Teach Me About Hiragana And Katana... I'm Impressed With Her.. My Sis Kak Will Sit For SPM This Year.. I Wish The Best For Her.. Persue Your Dream Higher.. Don't Be Like Me... My Youngest Sister Ateh Gred 4 I Guess Told Me That Our Family Adopted Two Cute Kittens... I Totally Lose Of My Mind To See That Cuties.. She Is The Youngest Sibling I've Since My Lil Brother Pass Away Coz Of Acute Lymphoblastic Leaukaemia For Almost Three Years Ago... We Love Yea... So I Just Have One Brother, Angah... He Will Be In Field Training Before Aidiladha.. We Do Contact Via Facebook... Miss Him.. Miss My Mum And My Dad Sooooooo Damn Much.. My Sis Kak Also Notice Me About Our Aunt Achik Yah... She Will Be Married On The 02nd Of Aidiladha... I'm Shocked.. I Dunno Whether I'm Happy Or Not For Her.. But I Really Hope She Choose The Choosen One..
Me N My Dad's First Lady

Me And Hana Sakuraji Went To Splendid For Mushroom Chicken Chop After That.... Try Some, Guys... Thumb Up... Fresh And Soften Meat..

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