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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Best Men Win (BMW)

the picture above is not the actual party
(from left:Ustaz,Aidil,Adam,Syauqi,Ikhwan,Abe,Ketom,Kumar,Bob,Bro)
Aha....tomorrow is the last day of induction,there will be only sukaneka in the morning.Alhamdulillah thanks God,everything gonna be ok and smooth as we plan.Our Majlis Penutup Induksi today start at 2.15pm and ends 3 hours later.Fun with all kinda of group presentation.We're play badminton and in the late night,the only 10 men in Adida's batch held a small party. A pizza party for specific.Hot delivery pizza, 3 large stuffed crust: Hawaiian supreme,Thai seafood and Royal Masala.3 kinds of beverage:Coca Cola camnilah,Pepsi Max & Mirinda Strawberry.We make a small bonfire and everyone of us give in promtu speech,then shake hand and have a good friendship hug before the party begin.The older one take the lead and followed by the rest.Esprit de corps..

23 October 198_
Abe 07 May 198_
Ustaz 30 March 198_
Aidil 10 August 198_
Ketom 1 November 198_
Syauqi 02 March 198_
Kumar 26 March 198_
Adam 09 February 198_
Bob 11 June 198_
Ikhwan 05 September 198_ BLOGGING OFF

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