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Saturday, June 6, 2009

My dream country,cerita sekolah dulu

I still keep it my form 4 school essay.One of them is about My Dream Country.Bunyi macam budak-budaklah pulak.
One day,i wish that i could visit my dream country which i like most.Hopefully,my dream will come true and not just a day dreaming.First of all,let me introduce some of the features that i know about this country.Its name is Italy.I got information about it in the top magazine on tourism world.Furthermore,i have seen the famous and historical heritage through a computer web site.Besides,we can also go to Italy embassy in KL for more reference about this country's background.
As we know,Italy is located in Europe continent.This country is very exciting and different from the other countries in Europe.That is why i fall in love with this country.We can also see it on the world map with its shape like a boot in the southern Europe and sticks out into the Mediterranian sea.The two large islands of Sardina and Sicily belong to Italy.
Rome,an ancient Roman historical city is the capital of Italy.Even though it also has changed due to rapid development but Italy government is always make sure that its development does not distrub the beauty of its nation homeland.This European country is surrounded by its close up neighbours such as France,Switzerland,Austria and Slovenia.Much of Italy is mountainous and hilly.Northern Italy is the richest part of the country.It has the best farmland and most factories.Wheat and grapes are major crops.Bread,pasta,and wine are made from them.
Almost all Italians belong to the Roman catholic church.This European country is very important as UNESCO historical sites.From about the 5th century B.C until the 5th century A.D,Rome was the centre of the ancient Roman empire,the largest empire in the world has ever known after Ottoman.Moreover,i am interested in Italy's scenery and its historical entities as we study about these in our lessons in school.
Besides,it also has its own landmark such as Venice,Florence,and Milan city.They are beautiful and planned cities since Renaissance age.Capri Island and Almalfi beach are among the best places to visit.They are romantic and sweet.The Italian sandy beaches are most fascinating,there are some coconut and palma trees planted here.These coconut palms swayed gracefully in the breeze as though to welcome us.The cool blue sea with its gentle waves sparkling in the sunny sun.While the tide was just coming in and waves were beating strongly against the rocks,sea-gulls flying over the sea looking for fish and swooping down.We can also see the sun sinking beneath the horizon and the sky will be painted with beautiful tints of gold,orange,and yellow.In the night,a magical touch about it in the twilight.This scene is truly a beautiful one to behold.I also loved Italian foods such as Pizza,Sphagetti and pasta.
It also famous with football team,AC Milan and Italy.Besides,there are many athletes who are Italian in world ranking such as in Grand Prix and Formula One.Leonardo da Vinci,Michelangelo,Verdi and Puccini are the popular icon besides its Mona Lisa potrait,Pisa leaning tower and Collesium.
Hopefully,i will be here some day.That is all

Aha...amacam.Skema la
.Right now my dream country no longer Italy,it's changed to Spain (Sepanyol).Tell me about yours...


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