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Friday, August 10, 2012


This is the motivation story of a hardworking farmer, happy and content with life, until someone told him about the fortune in diamonds that are being found, elsewhere, So, he sets to go to find his diamonds and bring more wealth and prosperity to his family and village. He spends years searching and mining in vain, using up the entire fund he had from the sale of his farm and others assets. He had given up everything for this quest. He had put his family into the care of a friend, so that they did not lack for anything whilst he was away. But, down to pride, he never returned because he never found his acres of diamonds.
Then, one day, the businessman who bought the farm noticed a glitter of light from the sands in the river. It came from a pebble that had a glitter of light reflecting all the colours of the rainbow.
Curious about it, he took it into the house and put it on a table. Now, the businessman who first told the diamond story to the farmer happened to come by to see if the farmer had returned. Imagine his joy as he spotted the pebble - "he has returned with diamonds!" But no, said the new owner, I found this in the river... and together they stirred up the sands of the river and found others even more beautiful than the first! They had discovered the diamond mines of Golconda!! The biggest diamond mines in all history - even bigger than the Kimberley mines in value. The farmer had been sitting on literally "acres of diamonds" but went off elsewhere to seek what was all around him!
A Diamond Among Pebbles
"The acres of diamonds story" taught you to be responsibility for everything in your life. No more "The grass is greener on the other side"? Forget it - this is a miss-belief that will always hold you back and prevent the law of attraction giving you the wealth.
The moral is quite simple - the grass is NOT greener on the other side - it is all around you. Some people think that they have to move to the big city, if they want to be rich and successful; others may think they have to move to  another neighbourhood, state or country, in order to be rich and successful. They have a misconception that being rich and successful has something to do with the environment - they forget the acres of diamonds all around them.
Acres of diamond are within you. BELIEVE in yourself that you can achieve great thing in life, at the subconscious level. As you go through childhood, you learn different beliefs and value systems that become a part of who you are at the subconscious level. One of these mis-beliefs could be that it is the environment around you that prevents you from doing what you want to do to be successful - you blame the environment, or whatever, but, you blame something or someone "out there" you hold this particular belief.
Believe that you are to be responsibility for everything in your life. The process to remedy that is simple - let go of those subconscious beliefs! Go take a look around you - what are you good at? What do you love to do? Take a good look around you - what are the diamonds in your life? Are they your grandmother's recipes that everyone in the family and neighbourhood love so much? Are they your recipes? What is it that you always catch more fish than anyone else in the stream or lake? You know, people will travel for miles to see places of outstanding natural beauty - they can be in your backyard - in the mountains at the back of where you live, or in the great "whatever" that others take for granted, simply because they are right under their nose.
When I say take a look around you, I mean take a GOOD look around you - what are you thankful for? What fills you with a sense of joy - analyse it - take it to pieces - wash off the dirt and you may discover a diamond right under your foot. They are all around you - if you but look!
Acres of diamonds are all around you - print this statement out and place it somewhere to remind you every day and I guarantee you will start seeing them.

Until then, See You Soon.
Have a good weekend. everyone.

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