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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wet Wednesday #5 : Oh My Milktooth

Who says i need a tooth fairy, i just need a good doctor and of course a nice nurse to assist me.. Hehe..
Today is the first medical leave i take for this year. I got tooth extraction, luckily it was my milk tooth.Meaning it was my Ribena kid still inside me. But it'll be great as i got  a chance to have another tooth.. i pray for thats...
Hunt for food

Time for bed, peeps

Surah alfatihah
Ayatul Kursi
Amanar Rasul
Surah al-Ankabut verse 60
Surah at-Taubah verse 51
Surah az-Zumar verse 38
Surah Faathir verse 2
Surah Hud verse 56
Surah Yunus verse 107
3 Quls

It's raining tonight in the blessed state. Pull my blanket and zzz!!!

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