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Friday, August 31, 2012

T.G.I.F #4 : Happy 31st AUGUST

Never say  if you don't really care. 
 Never talk about  if there're not there
Never  if you gonna break my heart.
Never say your going to if you don't plan to 
Never look into my  if you gonna make me cry

If you really means forever then  you'll try

Never say 4ever if 4ever is just a 

"I'm grateful to be born in a peaceful country
Happy 31st AUGUST peeps"

Noor - I BELIEVE [A New Day Begins]

i believe, after hardship there is ease
i believe, after war there is peace

i believe that winter ends
there is spring so let it bring a breeze
fill hollow hearts and wipe away sorrow

i believe that darkness falls
prayer calls cure our hearts disease
help us enter gardens with promises of eternal bliss
help us enter gardens where no despair
just undying peace

i believe we can end all hunger and disease
i believe we can change the world
we can change the world help us please

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