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Saturday, December 20, 2008

7777, what number...

Today at 20.55 or 8.55pm,it was 7777 days pass by since i were born into this world.Thanks God for everything..luv You.12 days to go for Semester 6.Huh,it might be a busy semester..chaiyoo 2x.To my mum & dad,thanks for the sacrifices you made,for being constant source of inspiration,for being part in my life and for making me aim know reach for the sky, i mean the sky of happiness in this world & hereafter.Ameen..
Ha' senior,work properly.. my junior.Emm my junior..ohh i'm gonna be super senior next year.My sem.5 junior in hospital pathology department (field training) 'work' for your next six months..hee..hee..sem.4 follow all the rule when you start training..sem.3 and sem.2 wait for us bullying you next year..haa..haa..and semester 1,welcome to our world:Medical Laboratory Technology.
For semester 6:Next year we gonna start our class on Friday,January 02 2009.So everybody must come before or on January 01 for hostel check in.Our result for this semester will came out around one week before class begin.This is what Puan Adida told me.This is second announcement since i got 2 sms about student who not know yet.My mum start asking me about my result,she came into my room,what a messy room? harhar..prepare my packing lar
(not really).

p/s 12 days:seem to be faster, when i open my eyes wah i'm in the college

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