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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

as a Medical Lab Student

What i learnt for almost three years:

Semester 1
01 July 2006 (register)
07 July 2006 (orientation grand day)
1)Statistics and Mathematics
3)Laboratory instrumentation
4)Human Biology
6)Basic Biochemistry
7)Preparatory English
8)Profesional Development 1 (English)

Semester 2
1)Chemical Pathology I
2)Medical Microbiology I
3)Medical Parasitology I
4)Haematology I
5)Immunohaematology I
6)Anatomy Pathology I
7)Cytology I

Semester 3
1)Chemical Pathology II
2)Medical Microbiology II
3)Medical Parasitology II
4)Haematology II
5)Immunohaematology II
6)Anatomy Pathology II
7)Cytology II
8)Profesional Development II (Management)

Semester 4 (Field Training in Hospital Pathology Department) @ my assignment
02 January 2008 @ practical kick start
1)Makmal Kaji Kuman @ Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
2)Makmal Kaji Parasit @ Important Cestode in Medical
3)Makmal Biokimia @ Differentiation between Immunoassay Techniques For The Drug Abuse Screening (Pro & Contra)
4)Elective Program @ Stress and its Management (Assignment)

Semester 5 (Field Training in Hospital Pathology Department) @ my assignment
1)Makmal Tabung Darah @ The Rh Blood Group System and Its Nomenclatures
2)Makmal Kaji Darah @ Acute Leukaemia and Its Laboratory Findings
@ Haematology case studies
3)Makmal Kaji Sel @ Hormonal Cytology
4)Makmal Kaji Tisu @ Connective Tissues Staining & Its Importance
5)Elective Programme @ Hb Analyzer & Entrepreneurship (certificated course)
13 November 2008 @ farewell and (kesyukuran)thanksgiving party.Gud bye....

Semester 6 @ start on January 02,2009
1)Chemical Pathology IV (analysis of body fluids)
2)Haematology IV (study on blood)
3)Immunohaematology IV (transfusion medicine)
4)Medical Microbiology IV (study on microorganisms and infectious agents)
5)Medical Parasitology IV (study on parasites)
6)Cytology IV (study on cells)
7)Anatomy Pathology IV (study on tissues)
8)Profesional Development IV

Credit hours for semester 6 (17)
  • Chemical Pathology (3)
  • Medical Microbiology (3)
  • Haematology (3)
  • The rest subjects (2)

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