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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009

I won't have the time for a new year post so i doing it now.When you read this post i'm in the bus,going home to KL.My second home:my beloved college.My hostel just behind IJN.Very strategic area.Hee..hee..

Kolej Teknologi Makmal Perubatan
D/A Institute For Medical Research (IMR)
Jalan Pahang 50588 W.P.Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

I just want to wish all of you (my readers) a very Happy New Year 2009.I hope you get what you want,i means your dreams or azam i guess.For me i already feel blessed coz y'all take time out of your life to read what's going on in mine.Thanks for being such good friends... talking about azam..Alhamdulillah,my azam for 2008 is 79% achieved.
Everyone has a direction towards which one turns,therefore,emulate one another in good deeds.So go on with your azam but just remember these,for every moment,we must struggle:

i) to achieve a firm faith in GOD
ii) to obtain more knowledge and skills
iii) to have economic stability
iv) to have a healthy body
v) to have high morals and good character
vi) to achieve a strong brotherhood in people around
always keep in your mind.

You should know that the life of this world is only play and amusement,a show and boasting among yourselves,a quest for greater riches and more children-Its similitude is that of vegetation that flourish after rain:the growth of which delights the tillers,then it withers and you see it turn yellow,soon it become dry and crumbles away.In the hereafter there will be either severe punishment or forgiveness from Allah and His good pleasure.The life of this world is nothing but illusion.Therefore,earnestly strive for the forgiveness of your God and for the paradise which is as vast as the heaven and the earth,prepared for those who believe in Allah and His Rasools.Such is the grace of Allah,which He bestows on whom He pleases,and Allah is the Owner of mighty grace.

(Qur’an 57:verse 20-21)

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