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Saturday, December 20, 2008


This morning on Nasi Lemak Kopi O TV9 dekat di hati, i notice about algebra..yup algebra.. it's not about mathematical's all about Malaysian 1st nasyid band.This band was accomplished in the first quarter of 2008 lead by Xifu Naser.Algebra is the first artist under Nasyeed Edutainment Publishing Sdn Bhd.Combination between five young man from local university student,Afnaf Jamal (19-main vocalist/guitar),Nur Mohd Alieff Ayub (20-second vocalist/drummer),Raja Mohd Farhan Raja Shaifulzaman (21-keyboardist), Ahmad Syauqi Ahmad Shabir(19-lead guitar) and Mohd Hafiedz Samsuri (24-percussionist/drummer).
A little bit controversy about one song in their album, aku bukan musuh harta ,this song by kopratasa.This song was banned by RTM...i wonder why? for me after listen to that not refer to any political party but most to greedy person (siapa makan lada dia terasa pedas,siapa suruh makan lada makanlah sambal kelantan ke,manis gak..hee.hhee..don't get angry ar).This song is from poem of Ust.Asri a.k.a former Perlis Mufti .
Anyway,let talk about algebra..
Their first album is Yang Benar Tetap Benar (the right is always right)
good luck bro.. congrats for being Malaysian 1st nasyeed band..

p/s nak join gak band tapi tak tau ada ka yang mau..

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