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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Kyle XY : a man without bellybutton

In Pilot Episode, We learn about a naked young boy from a forest and he got no bellybutton. In Season Two, Kyle goes all Rikki-Tikki-Tavi on a rattlesnake.He learns Chinese from watching one kung fu movie.He fixes Stephen's computer,and finishes an hour-long IQ test in like five minutes.Fuh,and scores 100%.It's all evidence of the genius to come.Seriously.Now,Kyle XY turn on season 3 on ABC Family.

In Malaysia,season 2 currently being aired on TV3,Sundays at 11 pm.Kyle (Matt Dallas) and his family,the Tragers: dad Stephen (Bruce Thomas),mum Nicole (Marguerite Maclntyre),sis Lori (April Matson),and bro Josh (Jean-Luc Bilodeau).In this season watch out for Kyle's female counterpart,Jessie XX (Jaimie Alexander).

I do have a lot of symphaty for Jessie.She is the victim of experimental annoyance,she know the world without guided by no one.Her mind can be simply reset as what people want-Madacop corp-fool..balantine..

Kyle XY officially being my favourite tv show now..hee..hee..

in the last episode , i learn about how Kyle try to make every person around him happy.He pawn his ring just for retake amanda bracelet since it was pawn my her mother.Her mother told Amanda that bracelet missing when an intruder broke into their's actually her mother did not has enough financial in the mean should discuss about problems and try not to hide it..Josh was caught with bad behavior by his father,Stephen..and that bad behavior actually come from Stephen,lead by example dude..ho..ho..but the way of his advice approach is so cool.

Kyle said to Josh "if you have a normal brain you must love and care of it" as reply to Joshs' excuse " have a super brain,no wonder you didn't want it".

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