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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jom Cari & Gali

Oil and Gas in Kelantan Offshore is the biggest O & G reserve in Asia.Believe that.That is 13 trillion feet square have been discovered lately.It's mean 13, 000, 000, 000, 000 and enough for 7th generation onwards for the Kelantanese (500 years) and Malaysia will be amongst richest country.It's located at:
  • Block A18
  • Block B17 & C19
  • PM3
  • Sub-Block Ular
  • PM301 & PM302
  • PM303
  • PM311 & PM312

So, i really hope that one day there will be a huge scientific progress in the state.A higher civiliazation with good morals.Remember, the Giant Kingdom Renaissance.
Let me tell you one story: there is friends in the college who used to talk big and blame Kelantan.I did'nt know why? One of them ever said this, " No Gardinea breads in Kelantan".Haha...Heloo..we got everything here with our rich cultural and our unity in diversity. You know why? i actually did'nt really want to befriend with narrow minded people like this.Let be lateral thinkers, dude.. You know what? there is 60% Kelantanese working in every state of M'sia and that not include the world wide .Let talk like a dutch uncle (an idiom),if every single Kelantanese has a strike:Malaysia economy will doomed.So,let be fair.

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