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Thursday, August 20, 2009

KYLE XY : Between A Rack and A Hard Place


episode 5

Kyle XY
 "Nothing ever happens on a Sunday." - J.T.

As soon as J.T. said that line after telling Josh he was in charge of The Rack, we knew that something would indeed happen on this particular Sunday. What happened? A newbie makes tons of mistakes, there are a lot of customers, money is missing from the cash register, there is a fit between two enemies, two customers clash, a couple must reevaluate how truthful they are to one another, a father figure plays mastermind games, and someone from the past resurfaces! Not an ordinary Sunday indeed!

Josh in charge of The Rack? Even if things were chaotic and that he lost his cool a few times, Josh took the challenge head on and is on the right path to improve his leadership skills. If he still plans to become a doctor, being put in charge of The Rack will help him work under pressure, become more resourceful, etc.

Kyle XY
The wheels were put in motion last week for Amanda to confront Kyle about his secrets. If you recall, the Tragers warned Kyle that Amanda shouldn't know who he really is. After almost losing Amanda because of his relationship with Jessi, Kyle decided to open up to his girlfriend. I'm happy he didn't reveal everything at once. Even if he trusts Amanda, he doesn't know yet what she can handle. I was surprised that Amanda couldn't find one single thing to reveal to Kyle. Then again, the guy has an amazing memory, as he displayed in the episode, so he probably registered everything Amanda did, said, etc. 

The question now is how he'll hide his meetings with Jessi from Amanda. If you stumbled on this week's official description, you know that Adam was supposed to tell Kyle to stay close to Jessi and be a positive force in her life. The episode was tweaked to end with Adam's return so it is to be assumed that Kyle will receive this special assignment next week. I expect Kyle to be tormented for most of the episode and eventually tell Amanda more about himself so she understands a bit more why he must be with Jessi.

Kyle XY
I can't wait to see what is Brian's end game because he truly showed his darker side this week as he was slowly getting into Jessi's brain by turning her against everyone positive in her life. "He doesn't believe in you." "I am the only person who will always be there for you whenever you need me." When he learns Jessi went to see Nicole, he lies about the phone call so that Jessi doesn't learn the Tragers do care about her. Even if XX is not my favorite character, I can't help but feel bad for her. She'll need a lot of positive reinforcement to forget everything Brian told her.

Kyle XY
Finally, I want to address the arrival of new recurring character Mark. Assistant of Stephen Trager.

Other scenes of interest
  • Lori explaining to Kyle what the "next step" is.
  • Kyle learning that the customer is always right even when the customer is wrong was fun to watch. It's interesting to see how Kyle and Jessi analyze life when things don't make sense!
  • Jessi admitting to Amanda that she is the one who ratted her out to Carol was priceless. I'm sure we haven't seen the last ripple of the aftermath.
  • Josh good admonition to J.T.
Best lines of the week
  • "I wanna be your first." - Kyle to Amanda
  • "The only rack you'll be seeing is the one that's making you wear that stupid apron." - Andy to Josh
  • "Maybe you could put in a good word for me at the Psycho Bitch League." - Mark to Lori
  • "Can you multi-task?" - Josh to Kyle


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