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Friday, August 28, 2009

:: myRAMADHAN'09 II convo anyone? ::

☆☆ ようこそラマダーン ☆☆Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa Di Bulan 1000 Bulan Ramadhan el-Mubarak ☆ รอมะฎอน ☆ Happy Blessed Ramadhan 1430 Hijrah ☆مرحبا بكم في رمضان ☆ le jeûne ou saoum, qui constitue l'un des cinq piliers de l'islam  라마단  Mejorar nuestra fe y las virtudes en el ayuno Ramadhán.Devote a la unidad de Dios, Allah ☆ 賴買丹月  -Ikhwancalifornia™ ®

Aug 25th Tuesday

Dear My Sis Alang, Happy Birthday to You
May Allah bless you in the blessed month of Ramadhan
All The Best For Your UPSR Exam This September 08th Till 10th
And That's All For My Fourth Of Ramadhan

Aug 28th Friday

could it be bigger ?

It's look a week has passing by. After Sahur I watch a Ramadhan Kareem program on TV. Not Malaysia's TV but Thailand's TV. I didn't understand the lingo but that program seems interesting to me.During Ramadhan, i love to watch travelogue programs  such as Jejak Rasul, ArRisalah, Syahadah, I'm Muslim too, etc. After that, I treat myself with Japanese Movie this morning. So laze around. Fazy Si Pari-Pari call me and we're talk about an hour via phone. We're talk over our upcoming convo, posting, past memories in the college and the future. I enjoyed myself talking to her. About convocation, i did not really know my feeling onto it. I'm not excited at all. First, i'm still did'nt know when i'm gonna be posted so i've no economic stability rite now. Second, the convocation venue is not appropriate for such many people.Plus, it's totally archaic.Third, its date not in the weekend. Fourth, its date also did'nt appropriate for the mean time cause everybody is busy. Fifth, Influenza A H1N1 still around out there. Sixth, no official source from the college since i only got it know via e-mail. Seventh, i did'nt excited at all. Anyway, i'll try my best for my big day...
I've my Buka Puasa at my grandparent's house today. Together with us is a pondok scholar. So, now i know what is the pondok all about. He is the fourth year scholar and has two more years to complete his studies in the pondok. After that he will further his studies in Egypt for four more years. What a long journey of knowledge seeking before offered job. 10 years. He is just exactly same age with me. What make me proud of him is he is the imam that leads Solat Tarawikh at the mosque in My grandparent's village.

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