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Thursday, August 6, 2009

KYLE XY : Great Expectations


episode 3

Kyle XY
Josh "Foss" Trager

Kyle XY
Since Foss is MIA, Josh elected himself as Kyle's trainer. It's not surprising considering Josh kept tabs on what Kyle did to prove he was an alien. Now that he knows who/what Kyle really is, Josh needs another project: test Kyle in order to discover all his powers. It looks like Josh is really doing it to help Kyle but somehow I feel like deep down inside Josh likes this project because he gets to see first-hand powers that he only dreamed about when reading comic books. It'll be interesting to see what Josh comes up with next to test...err, help his friend.

Spring Cleaning

As Kyle said it at the end of the episode, spring cleaning is a chance to redefine yourself. I'm not surprised Nicole told Stephen to take the teaching job. That couple is so cool and understanding. He needed the little push to tell him that everything would be alright even if he didn't take the corporate job. I'm pretty sure that we will see a changed Stephen in the upcoming episodes.

Josh, who decided last week that he wanted to become a doctor, showed a more serious side this week by studying and actually trying to get extra credit. Of course, don't expect Josh to become a model student instantly: see how he tried to get Lori and Kyle to help him with "Romeo & Juliet" and how he quickly agreed to help them out with the plan to contact Amanda! I like this new Josh but the writers need to have him keep his humor and great lines.

Lori was also doing some spring cleaning. She discovered that she was indeed cynical and tried to fight her urges to be just that. I loved that scene when she explodes in front of Declan! That was a funny scene that well defined who Lori is. Every show needs a cynical character, let's hope Lori stays in that spot.

Amanda and Kyle... and Jessi

Kyle XY
When Amanda exited the taxi and told Kyle she was there to surprise her mother, I knew something was iffy. As I've said in the intro, I expected that something bad happened to her. Don't get me wrong, I don't wish for bad things to happen to people but Amanda needed a meatier storyline and a tragedy while in NYC could have provided some of the meat. Amanda saying that she just didn't see herself as a pianist anymore made sense since the episode's theme is self-discovery and deciding what you want to be but that reveal was a let down (at least to me). I'm not sure I like that "I'm on the run" storyline Amanda now finds herself in. Unless Kyle moves her to another location, Amanda will soon have to face the music, go back home and have a good talk with her over-protective mother.

As expected, Kyle was quite resourceful in order to talk to Amanda. It always amazes me how he interprets things. When Amanda's mother said that she didn't want him to see or talk to Amanda, I knew it included IMing and emailing. Yet, Kyle studied the semantics and, to him, decided that writing to Amanda was not breaking the rules. But Carol Bloom had a bag of tricks and made sure Kyle couldn't get in touch with her daughter.

Not surprisingly, Jessi's evil self came back when she saw Amanda and Kyle kissing; thus, putting her training in jeopardy. Until we have a definitive new villain to hate, Jessi's evilness needs to resurface here and there. With Brian saying that he has "big plans" for her, you can bet we haven't seen the last of Evil Jessi! What could those plans be? 

Other scenes of interest

  • Kyle XY
    It's not a scene per say, but I thought I should mention that Josh's shirt said "Same shirt, different day."
  • Kyle has quite an arm! Imagine a football team with him and Clark Kent! 
  • Carol's rant about everything being Kyle's fault.
  • The Tragers trying to explain to Kyle that he should stay away from Amanda when they themselves thought he should break the rules.
  • Kyle playing a guitar version of Pachelbel's Canon in D in front of Amanda's house.
  • Josh disguised as Amanda was hilarious! I would have loved to be a fly on the wall and witness Carol telling Josh to get out of her house!
  • Hillary can cook and is a fan of Top Chef. Shh... don't tell!
  • Jessi found the "She Could Be You" vinyl under her pillow. Who put it there? Brian as a test? Foss to open Jessi's eyes? I can't wait for her to play it because I suspect something is hidden between the musical notes.
  • I would have loved to be grounded at the Tragers because the teens still have access to their computers and the Internet!
  • Kyle received an IM with the Latnok logo. Who sent it? Why?

Best lines of the week

  • "You're supposed to bring home the bacon, Dad. And I can eat a lot of bacon!" - Josh to Stephen
  • "Take it slow. One bulb at a time." - Josh to Kyle
  • "All this for puppy love?!" - Lori
  • "You are 'Miss possible, but not likely." - Declan to Lori
  • "If you cared about my future, you wouldn't have sold my piano in the first place!" - Amanda to Carol
  • "I have big plans for you, Jessi." - Brian


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