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Thursday, August 27, 2009

KYLE XY : First Cut Is The Deepest


episode 6

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"The human body has its own built-in repair kit." - Kyle

It's last night, this week's episode put the wheels in motion for a finale that will surely have us finally coming face-to-face with Sarah.If Adam can heal himself, surely Sarah could too and probably better and faster than he could. Plus, the episode was way too Sarah-heavy not to mention her again in the four upcoming episodes of the season. 

Kyle XY
After a few somewhat-filler episodes, it was great to get one that pushed the show's mythology a bit further. We didn't get earth-shattering answers but we did get a better glimpse at who Sarah is/was and what Jessi can do. We know that Sarah Emerson was involved in the school's paper, won various prizes, was accused of sabotaging a Biochem final by writing the answers and vandalizing a lecture hall. She is such a legend for the students that there is a trophy case dedicated to her in the university's bar.

As if we needed it, we got another glimpse at how much Jessi is similar to Sarah. That glimpse was not a pretty one. "My mother was awesome," she said after seeing the Latnok symbol on the ceiling, a defying and frowned-upon act. Jessi is so driven that she is on a self-destructive path. Brian is pushing her a lot but Jessi is pushing herself even further and for what? She intentionally sabotaged the pool competition to come out on top. Her lack of social skills and empathy prevents her from seeing the bad side of what she did to Kyle when moving the balls. In fact, she is also hurting herself and it'll be a hard fall when reality hits her.

Kyle XY

Kyle and Jessi can heal themselves and, as it is implied by the final scene, maybe others. With this superpower also comes a dark side and Jessi is the living proof. Now that she can heal herself, you can bet that she'll be bolder and crazier than ever; it won't just be jumping off the school's roof! Kyle better learn how to heal himself faster because I have a hunch that he may need to face off Jessi once again.

Speaking of Kyle's newfound healing powers, did he or did he not heal Andy?, I believe that he did. 

Mark and Lori will so end up together. Mark does have great lines to throw back at Lori and I enjoy seeing them fight with words a lot!

Other scenes of interest
  • Kyle XY
    Josh and Andy going through couples therapy was fun to watch. Nicole is quite the mom to listen to her son's girlfriend talk about making out with Josh and wanting more! The session also provided us with extra info about Andy: her name is Andromeda as in "ruler of all men" and not Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda.
  • Stephen using Jessi and Kyle to crack a program developed by one of his students.
  • Kyle entering Jessi's room using her direct technique. 
  • Hillary starting to like Amanda because she showed her "facetious, self-aware and spicy" side.
  • Amanda finally accepting that she'll have to share Kyle with others because he has a greater destiny.
Best lines of the week
  • "I'm a teacher. I have to be the smartest one in the class." - Stephen
  • "Kyle is coming to work with me. That never ends well." - Stephen
  • "There is no one more like me than you." - Kyle to Jessi
  • "He's like a television with only one channel. And it's not even a good one." - Andy about Josh

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