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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cita-citaku...wanna be

It's some-some.I've to recall all of my ambitions.Err...i mean my dream professions that i wanna be since i was small till now.Hee...hee...I'm a person who really curious in almost everything.You what i read in Awaken The Giant Within by Anthony Robbins,i can conclude here that: if you really want to grow in your life,learn to be as curious as a child.Children know how to wonder-that's why they're so endearing.If you want to cure boredom,be curious.If you're curious,nothing is a chore;it's automatic-if you want to study.Cultivate curiosity,and life becomes an unending study of joy..Haha..

My ambition while i was a student ( from born i guess till SPM) : a star gazer, Astronomer.
Too obvious bai... Till now i still looking for my telescope gadgets.Since i'm a left-handed,i'm expert in Drawing.This is what my friends told.

My ambition while i was in form 6 : A saviour of nature, Marine Biologist
Ooo...really? I think you take physics stream...physics stream while i was in lower 6 and i think to be in biology class for upper 6 coz teachers did'nt teach well.
My ambition while i was in Semester 1 UiTM: a plant scientist, Biotechnologist
I did'nt come up for upper 6,i got UiTM second intake during the worst flood that struck the northern region of Malaysia Peninsular.Enjoy wearing boot, have a roll call every thursday morning just after Subuh Prayer,wearing lab coat and heading to the lab or sharefarm. ambition is to work smart in my permanent profession :Medical Lab Technologist
A profession that i thought as a technician that fix all medical stuffs.Rite now,i still did'nt know when i'm gonna be posted or where i'll be located...hehe.Whatsoever,i love my job and i want to pursue my study till the higher level.Yes. ambition is to have a Restaurant Cafe
Which just look alike Kyle XY Cafe ( news The Rack ) that i call as Ikhwankaizen's Rescafe.Hehe... i've to give a proposal and my CV to my family to rule out.

De la verdad me encanta todo esto job.Till que cumplir en el próximo post.Adios...


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