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Thursday, July 23, 2009

KYLE XY : to C.I.R. with love


episode 1

Kyle returns safely home and tells the Tragers everything from his birth to Jessi assumed death. He later comes up with a plan to fight back against CIR in order to destroy Madacorp's server. Stephen agrees to help by manually connecting CIR to the rest of the building. Kyle makes a deal with Ballantine to give him the information, but is placed in a holding room since Ballantine already had Jessi. Kyle ventured into Jessi's mind and took back the information, leaving Ballantine no choice but to release Jessi and strap Kyle into Cir. He fought back as planned, but CIR began to erase other memories. Jessi, after being convinced by Nicole, helped Kyle fight back, causing a citywide blackout and Ballantine's illegal activities to be exposed.

The best part here is Candle Light Dinner that Trager's Family have...perhaps i could make it too with my family..Hehe

kyle xy


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