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Thursday, July 30, 2009

KYLE XY : The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades


episode 2

Kyle X/Y

It clearly sets us up for what we might see beyond the high school years of the characters, though as we saw in this episode (and heck, from the episode title), Kyle's future is wide open. Any clues to what he could do with the rest of his life (should he live a normal one, that is) is anyone's guess.

As for Kyle learning to levitate, did anyone else get a sorta get a John From Cincinnati vibe? I have to say that it actually makes some sense with the whole polarity-reversal thing and water. Will he eventually be able to act upon the water in the atmosphere to ... well, you know? Could make for some cool things to come.

Once again I'm shocked at Madacorp. How Steven just walked on in to grab his box of stuff, then left with a smile. Jeebus, this woman faked an affair with him and then helped have him locked up in a room in the company, not to mention seeing Foss drugged and strapped to a table. And it looks like Madacorp's not going anywhere, at least not this season.

We're definitely going to see a lot more about the Latnok group, that much is clear. What confuses me is how Ballantine's father's ring supposedly showed his safe house, when Kyle actually saw Baylin's safe house.

Jessi returns to school after Brian Taylor officially took her back as his biological daughter. Kyle tried to keep the wild Jessi in line, who only wanted to show off her abilities, especially after Hillary caught her on tape jumping off a roof. Kyle used his polarity manipulation to repel Jessi from the ledge using a puddle which lay under her, to keep her from jumping off in front of a large crowd. It should be noted that this is the first time he used polarity manipulation on another body besides his own.

Amanda and Kyle reunite

It looks like Amanda will be coming back, though things won't be very peachy for Kyle. Until then... 

to be continue...


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