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Saturday, July 25, 2009

One of musicians that i adore

Cobus Potgieter is a 22-year-old drummer from South Africa (born in 1986 October 23th). He has become internationally recognised for his videos on You Tube.Cobus Potgieter was born in Humansdrop,South Africa, where he started to play drums at the age of 16. Potgieter posted his first video, *Nsnyc - Pop, on YouTube in late 2007, and it has become one of his top viewed videos since, totaling over 1.4 million views. He is a member and drummer of the band Inslowmotion.Potgieter is currently studying Engineering as a major in college. He is also pursuing a career in Drumming.Potgieter is now in the proccess of producing a DVD that he will release to be sold via his website to all of his fans, in the last quarter of 2009. This DVD is aimed to be both an Instructional and Documentary DVD, teaching drummers and wannabe drummers different techniques and practice routines.It will also have a documentary on the life of Cobus Potgieter, who he is as a person, his rise in YouTube success and some other personal insights from the drummer.

Potgieter said "I love saying that I cannot live without my relationship with God. I didn’t have any choice about being able to drum, I was born with it and it’s something I am endlessly blessed with, you can’t shape a diamond if you don’t have one :) "


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