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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Commerating Muhammad's Rapture And Ascension To His Lord

Tomorrow July 20th 2009 @ 27 Rejab 1430H
Isra'-journey of Nabi Muhammad from Mecca to Jerusalem.Mi'raj- from Jerusalem to the seventh heaven and then the Prophet was raised up to the Lote-Tree of the Farthest Limit (Sidra Muntaha). There ends whatever ascends from the earth before it is seized, and whatever descends from above before it is seized.

At that time Allah spoke to Nabi Muhammad (peace be upon him) and said: "O Muhammad!" He replied: "At your service, O Lord!" Allah said: "Ask! (sal)." The Prophet said:

You have taken to Yourself Ibrahim (Abraham) as a friend, and You have given him an immense kingdom. You have spoken to Musa (Moses) directly, and have given Daud (David) an immense kingdom and softened iron and subjected the mountains to him. You have given Sulaiman (Solomon) an immense kingdom, and subjected the jinn and men and devils to him, as well as the winds, and You have given him a kingdom the like no one may have after him. You have taught Isa (Jesus) the Torah and the Evangel, and made him heal those born blind and the lepres, and raise up the dead with Your permission, and You have protected him and his mother from the cursed devil so that the devil had no path by which to harm them!

Allah said: "And I have taken you to Myself as My beloved." The narrator said: It is written in the Torah: habibullah "Allah's Beloved." Allah continued:

And I have sent you for all people without exception,
a bearer of glad tidings and a warner;
and I have expanded your breast for you
and relieved you of your burden
and exalted your name;
and I am not mentioned except you are mentioned with Me;
and I have made your Community the best Community ever brought out for the benefit of mankind;
and I have made your Community a mean and a middle;
and I have made your Community in truth the first
and the last of all Communities;
and I have made public address (khutbah) impermissible for your Community unless they first witness that you are My servant and Messenger;
and I have placed certain people in your Community with Evangels for hearts (i.e. repositories of Allah's Book);
and I have made you the first Prophet created and the last one sent and the first one heard in My court;
and I have given you Seven of the Oft-Repeated which I gave to no other Prophet before you (i.e. Surah al-Fatiha);
and I have given you the last verses of Surah al-Baqarah which constitute a treasure from under My Throne which I gave to no other Prophet before you;
and I have given you the Kauthar; and I have given you eight arrows (i.e. shares in good fortune): Islam, Emigration (hijrah), Jihad (strive for excellance in every field), Charity (sedekah), Fasting in Ramadan, Ordering Good, and Forbidding Evil;
and the day I created the heavens and the earth I made obligatory upon you and upon your Community fifty prayers: therefore establish them, you and your Community."

From fifty prayers, Allah reduced to five prayers to be performed daily.Solah is the main key of all victory and happiness.Solah teach about time management,about discipline,about health,science,about all and the most important thing,Solah teach us how to remember Allah,the Creator.Solah is a divine network between us and that never be interuppted.

Quality in Solah Quality in All -Rennaisance in the end of time


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